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Call Logging

Controlling the cost of calls and monitoring phone usage can be an essential part of monitoring financial and customer service strategy. Hotels, Care Homes, Clinics, Serviced offices and shared tenancies are all typical users of call logging software. However, any organisation can benefit from Cubix Phone Bill software.

  • Itemised bills for each telephone system extension
  • Produce accurate guest telephone bills fast
  • Automatically add a price mark up to calls
  • Simple and extremely easy to use
  • Eliminate disputes about calls made
  • Keep call history for audit reports

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  • Shows name and number of extension, number called, duration and the cost for each call
  • Allows flexible department configuration
  • Flexible and selectable call price mark-up by extension or department
  • Compatible with all new and legacy telephone systems
  • Admin calls can be reported at normal rates
  • Flexible line rental by department or extension
  • Audit reports by day, week or month to consolidate cash takings

There are two key offerings from Cubix:

Phone Bill

The software is suitable for a modest budget and ideal where informaiton on outbound calls only is required. Ideal where you want to see usage per indivudual extensions, also where you might want to bill guests, internal departments, clients or tenenats.

Downloand Phone Bill PDF




Call Explorer

Call explorer is ideal where data about inbound calls and outbound calls is required and for larger organisations with many extensions. For example, where you'd like to monitor performance in a contact centre and check for volume of calls per time of day or day of week. This lets you plan staffing levels appropriately and identify potential peak demand periods.

Download Call Explorer PDF




To protect yourself against costly, time consuming legal disputes or if call recording is a regulatory requirement then you should consider recording your calls centrally, particularly if you are offering advice to clients.

We offer standalone units from Re-Tell (which can be fitted to any new or existing telephone system) which connect to Analogue, ISDN30 or ISDN2 lines. These units can be rack mounted or supplied pre-installed in a PC tower where all your calls are stored onto a hard drive for archiving.

Calls are generally recorded to a hard disc unit with a DVD for archiving and storage purposes. You can access and search for calls either through the recorder itself or using software at your desktop PC. This type of systems is suitable for anyone with a need to confirm earlier conversations, has a high volume of calls or where verbal contracts or financial transactions are carried out by telephone.

These systems would also benefit doctors, financial consultants, insurance companies, turf accountants, stockbrokers, banks & building societies and many, many more. As this system uses an encrypted CSV file, they cannot be tampered with and are generally accepted in a court of law.

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More and more companies are reliant up staff working out of the office, whether a home based worker on a VoIP extension or field based staff talking to customers and suppliers on their Smartphone. Whilst those company's affected by regulatory bodies (I.E the FSA) will undoubtedly have to record conversation on mobiles, any other organisation which uses call recording in the office, would almost certainly wish to consider recording their calls on mobiles.

Download Mobile recording PDF