Intellia can help your business find the best gas, electricity and water providers and the most competitive prices.

Why switch with Intellia:

  • Great savings – Competitive tariffs on energy, gas, water and waste services

  • Hassle free – We take care of everything and keep you up to date

  • Trusted advice – useful tips and advice on how to lower consumption

  • Service standards – helpful, prompt responses to enquiries

  • Honesty and transparency – in everything we do for our customers

Business Energy

Intellia are here to help manage your utility contracts, saving you time and money. Our business energy services are the perfect option if any of the following applies to your business:

  • you want to save money on your energy costs
  • you are paying excessive costs for your business utility bills
  • you don’t know your contract end date. Your current energy supplier won’t make it obvious to you when you are able to terminate your current contract and review your rates: this means automatically rolling over on to a new contract with higher rates, leaving you with no option but to extend your contract a further year at least!
  • you do not know if you are on Out of Contract rates (OOC). OOC rates are typically 30%-70% higher than normal rates, so it’s important to be aware of this.
  • you are moving office. If you are moving location your current energy contract will be automatically cancelled the day you move out, meaning that you’ll automatically be paying increased OOC rates in your new office until you set up a new contract.
If any of these apply to you then we are here to help review your options:
1. We can help you to find your current contract end date
2. We can review your current rates
3. We can compare your current rates with the market rates at the correct time
4. We can provide you with a  quote for your energy
5. We can provide you with a contract which simply needs checking and signing
6. We can manage your energy costs and do our best to save you money

Business Water

Since 2008, companies and other non-domestic customers have been able to switch water suppliers to find a better deal and enhanced levels or service. Like the telecom and energy business, there is now licensed competition in the water sector where even small business with little usage can still benefit from lower charges.

After careful consideration we are delighted to partner with Brightwater, a Scotland-based licensed operator who offer a wide range of services including:

  • Water
    The supply of fresh, clean drinking water into your business for use by staff and customers in kitchens, washrooms and for use as part of your business processes
  • Waste Water
    Removal of foul water into the sewage system from normal use of kitchens, washrooms and toilets.
  • Surface Water Drainage
    Removal of rainwater from your property, grounds, roads and footpaths into the public sewage system.
  • Trade Effluent
    Disposal of any liquid waste that’s produced as a result of industrial processes.
Brightwater company logo

Switching your water supplier

When you switch water supplier it usually takes around three weeks from start to finish. We take care of everything and keep you fully informed throughout the process.

When we request a transfer from your current licence provider we agree a transfer date for the switch. When your water account transfers across to Brightwater we take a meter reading – it’s that easy!

Then, just enjoy the great service and take advantage of the savings the market can offer.

What Next? In common with Telecom & Energy, we start with looking at your bills so please scan or e-mail over your recent bills to and we’ll start work right away. You can also request a call back if you have any questions: