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IT Solutions

We are proud to announce we have launched our IT division. Our head of IT comes with over 20 years of IT experience. Please look at all the areas below to show what we can offer. Also please contact us using the form below if you have any further questions.

Maintenance & Support

As well as providing one-off chargeable repairs for the occasional problems you might have, we can also offer on-going technical support on a monthly payment plan tailored to suit your needs.

Packages can include remote and on-site options (or a combination of the two) and we even allow you to roll over any unused time against the labour cost of future projects.

In the first instance we would be happy to provide a free initial visit in order that we might clarify your requirements so we can provide an accurate monthly cost which meets your budget expectations.

Server Solutions

Whether you are looking to store and access files centrally by installing a new server or would like to update a current server to meet your demands for greater speed or storage, we can offer a server solution to suite your needs.

Typically, areas we cover include in-house email, file sharing, managed user accounts, remote access (i.e. home working) and critically, procedures for secure backups including off-site storage of data.

Wireless & Networking

Increasingly more and more organisations are looking to improve their efficiency through wireless technology including the use of laptops, smart phones and tablet computers.

Let us help you effectively integrate these devices within your office network to improve workflow including the synchronisation of your email, printing and scanning on all of your devices. An area of growing importance is the calendar unification. We can ensure that’s all your sales appointments, staff meetings, holidays and absences can be viewed by everyone on an organisation wide calendar.

A significant area for growth in the use of this technology is in the hospitality and leisure sectors. We have a range of simple to operate and low cost solutions for guest Wi-Fi in hotels and leisure outlets such as coffee shops and holiday parks.

New & Refurbished Hardware

If you are on a tight budget (and who isn’t!) we will be glad to try and source appropriate reconditioned equipment suitable for your needs from a reputable industry supplier.

All items come with a 12 month replacement warranty and thereafter can be included on a support contract with our self so you will have complete peace of mind.

Please tell us about your requirements.

Business Continuity

As more and more businesses become completely dependent on their data, never has there been a time more critical to have a ‘Plan B’. Even a temporary loss of access to data can have crippling effect on business performance and the ability to quickly recover information is vitally important.

We can happily discuss a range of backup solutions which can be on or off site depending on your requirements. Many options needn’t mean require capital outlay and some start from as little as £15 plus VAT per month.

Applications & Software

We can supply and install new software for servers and PC’s including Windows upgrades, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.) and Anti-virus and firewall protection.

Some of this might be covered when you are upgrading your hardware but equally, we are happy to apply software upgrades to existing hardware if this is all you need.


Concerns over insurance costs, staff safety, loss of stock or valuables and other security issues might mean a CCTV system is an appropriate response.

We can work with you to design bespoke system specific to your premises and security requirements. We offer a range of hardware including Infra-red (improved night viewing) and external cameras with DVR hard drive recorders.

This is a total solution including cabling, position of cameras and setting up remove viewing on desktop, laptop and hand held devices.

We would be happy to arrange a free consultation, system design and quotation on request.