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Low Cost Calls, Lines and Broadband for Business

p>In addition to the cost of hardware acquisition and support, another important area of telecoms is the cost of making calls and the provision of lines. Our preferred partner Daisy Communications Plc offer a range of solutions to suit every business need.


• Competitive call cost tariffs
• Line installations and discounted rentals
• Non-geographic numbers (EG. 0800. 0845)
• Broadband
• Conference calling


Daisy also offer a range of incentives such as free or subsidised new line installations or conversions such as analogue to digital.  You don't even need to move premises, simply transfer your existing lines and calls to start saving.

A good place to start is check how much you might be overpaying your existing provider and what opportunities for savings might exist. As Daisy Elite Partners Intellia offer a free analysis of your current costs and even if you accept our recommendations and transfer to Daisy, there is no cost to you simply for transferring to Daisy and no disruption to service.

We can provide business calls and lines packages that are tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of your business.. From single analogue business lines to complex multi-site solutions, our range of products and services are scalable, meaning you can easily change and add to them as your business grows. Our calls packages are highly competitive and can really help to cut your costs significantly. You can select from flat-rate pay-as-you-go tariffs or inclusive bundled minutes with capped call charge options that make it easy for you to control spending.


Whether you need us to arrange the installation of new lines or want to transfer your existing services, we take care of everything quick and easy with no disruption to your business operations. Of course joining us is only the first step in what we hope will be your long and happy relationship with us. We'll happily reviewyour requirements regularly to ensure you keep up to date with the latest developments.

Suitable for all business, the standard analogue line can be used for smaller phone systems where only basic services are required or for fax and credit card machines or alarm lines. Additionally, most non-dedicated broadband services require an analogue line.


• Save at Least 10% on Your Monthly Line Rental
• Competitive Call Rates
• No Disruption to Your Service
• Great Value - Free transfers
• Installation deals available
• From £13.43

This line type is useful for a more demanding environment exists. For example, where you want staff or departments to have direct dial numbers or you'd like to display company names on the telephone handset. Additionally, ISDN2e lines can allow inbound calls to be transferred or diverted to another number out with the phone system. ISDN2e is also used in broadcast.


• Increased Clarity for Voice Calls
• Provide your Staff with Individual DDI numbers
• Business Quality Communication
• Great Value - Free Transfers
• From £18.70

ISDN30e is the ultimate choice for business that provides all the features of ISDN2e line but with additional channels for a greater volume of telephone calls (such as busy service or contact centres). Growing or larger organisations that require high performance scalable line services would benefit from ISDN30 as you can start form a minimum of 8 lines (channels) per ISDN30 circuit and scale up to 30 as and when you need.


• High Performance Voice and Data
• Business Quality Communications
• Advanced 'scalable' Digital Solution
• Provide your staff with Individual DDI Numbers
• From £18.30

Q. Can I get advice and prices for what I need before I commit to ordering?
A. No problem, we'll even provide it in writing, without obligation

Q. How long does it take for lines to be installed?
A. Standard lines are a week to 10 days whereas ISDN2e and ISDN30 can be 2 – 6 weeks *
* New Building can take longer so speak to us as early as possible

Q. How will I know if my call rates are competitive?
A. We can provide a full printed tariff in advance and where relevant, a cost comparison with your existing provider.

Q. What happens if rates change during my initial contract period?
A. We can easily offer a tariff review ensuring you stay on the best available rates

Q. Can I move my current lines and telephone numbers if you offer me a better deal?
A. Absolutely, there's no need to change numbers and there's no disruption to service

Q. Can I merge my billing for calls, lines, broadband and mobiles onto a single bill and manage them online?
A. Yes, using a secure log in, you and other authorised colleagues can access your bills via the web portal.